October 2016 - September 2017

After the successful purchase by OSI Systems, INC in August, I was brought on board as the only project manager to help re-build and deliver all the legacy projects and establishment of new projects.

The airports which I delivered to were:

  • 11 off new X series check point security lanes to Oslo – New Terminal

    • Remote Screening

    • SCADA

  • 43 E-series check point security lanes to Incheon (Korea) – New Terminal

  • 13 off upgrades to existing manual lanes to Stansted

  • 2 off Pathfinda systems (baggage handling) Iqaluit – Canada

  • 1 off Pathfinda systems (baggage handling) Prince George – Canada

  • 2 off Pathfinda systems (baggage handling) Kelowna – Canada

  • 2 off Pathfinda systems (baggage handling) Victoria – Canada

  • 9 off P Series check point security lanes to Changi (Singapore) – New Terminal

  • Setup up of delivery of 22 E-Series lanes to Dubai

My main responsibilities and achievements were:

Creation and delivery of robust plans for all projects.

Stabilising and building of relationships with all customers (as primary interface).

Weekly conference calls with all customers.

Bi weekly face to face meetings with some customers (usually at customer’s sites).

Agreeing final build standards with customers (closure of a number of projects which had carried on for years).

Effective communications within the company.

Help with resource planning within manufacturing & service/ installation.

Running of installation and commissioning teams for all projects.

Reestablishment and Management of the supply chain.

Providing Risk Management of all projects.

Assistance with business development within existing projects.

Update or formation to all project financial forecasts.

Kick off to new R&D into security lanes including integration of sister company X-Ray system.

Re-Integration of QA into product delivery.

Help with Business development through customer relationship management of existing and new customers.  

Setting up of service and support contracts for all projects.

Providing project status to internal directors on a weekly basis.

Organising shipment check point security lanes and Pathfinda systems to final destinations (including documentation).