April 2012 - September 2016



I was accountable for delivering eight main projects (from £150k to +£1m) under all groups within LBSD for FY12/13. For FY14/15 onwards, under PLS, this has become one large and complex project (Dismounted Soldier Systems {DSS} +£5m per year) which brought together all the research for the Dismounted Soldier. This included a new £40m framework (DSS Engine Room Competition) which would provide a contracting vehicle for Dstl to place all research related to the soldier out to various levels of industry (Primes, SME’s, Academia etc.) for the next four years (https://www.gov.uk/government/news/dismounted-soldier-research-requirements). Funding was from both Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) & MOD

For FY16/17 I also took on the role as Division Procurement representative (DPR) responsible for helping to deliver £136m of contracts to industry across the whole of PLS (Land, Sea and Air).

The programme areas I delivered projects for, were:

Close Combat Systems (Dismounted & Mounted).

Integrated Survivability and Lethality Group (ISLG).

Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (C4ISTAR).

Land Environment Decision Support (LEDS).

I also extensively worked with

Army HQ – Andover

  • Capability Directorate Combat (CD Cbt)

  • CD Cbt Support

Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) – Abbey Wood, Bristol

  • Defence training and education coherence (DTEC)

  • Soldier Training and Special Programmes (STSP)

Department for Transport

  • Maritime (SS Richard Montgomery)

My main responsibilities and achievements were:

Running projects and resource out of all sites:

  • Fort Halstead (FHD), Kent

  • Portsdown West (PDW), Fareham

  • Porton Down (PTN), Salisbury

Full financial responsibility with monthly forecasting and the ability to deal with regular fluctuations in funding levels (both increase and decrease).

Resource for projects across all divisions of Dstl.

Placement and delivery of all Extra Mural Research (EMR).

Commercial responsibilities, including outside of usual PM practice

  • Statement of Requirements (SOR)/ Request for contract action (RCA)

  • Security Aspect Letters

  • Invitation to Tender documents (ITT)

  • Prequalification questionnaire (PQQ)

  • Use of framework agreements

  • Single source justification

  • Competitive and non-competitive tenders (inside or outside Framework Agreement for Technical Support {FATS})

  • Converting ITT’s to contracts

  • Placement of contracts on MOD Defence Contracts Bulletin (MOD DCB)

    • Including link to Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)

Creation of Integrated Project Plans (IPP’s).

Mentoring newly appointed PM’s.

Bridging projects for short periods of time to allow PM resource to be allocated, including seamless handover.

Responsible for a number of Associate Project Managers (APM’s) responsible for:

  • Updating project forecast system (forecast supplied by myself)

  • Setting up internal and external meetings

  • Updating Sales Order Book financials

  • Creating and updating ICAS time bookings

  • EMR accrual updates

Reporting monthly Group Sponsor and customer reviews.

Primary customer interface with Project Technical Lead (PTA).

Highlighting any efficiencies or new process and practices used within project which are then used to provide consistency for all projects within PLS groups.

Presenting a number of topics at Dstl Project Management Forum (sharing lessons identified and leant).

Move of LBSD from FHD to PDW (completed Jan 14) and still maintain all project deliveries (required moving of some milestones to end of FY or next FY).

Department Procurement Representative (DPR)

  • Two Deputy DPR’s responsible for interfacing with Programme/ Project & Commercial

  • Creation and updating of a Divisional Extra Mural (EM) planner

    • Providing contract prioritisation across all programmes

    • Agreed timescales for commercial to deliver contracts

    • Making sure that any issues in delivering contracts are dealt with in a timely fashion

  • Approval of all SOR’s and RCA’s for the division with delegated sign off for single source justification.

  • Presenting forecast for all contracts within division to the Dstl executive and being held accountable for delivery within agreed date.

  • Working with Division Commercial Business Partner and Commercial Managers in monitoring and controlling contract placement. Also, aiding SOR/ RCA creation with programme/ projects with assistance from commercial (contract requirements to be written clearly and succinctly allowing smooth contract placement)